Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pizza with a Twist!

Every time I've tried to write a post lately it wouldn't let me add a picture! So I'm back on now with a picture of my latest recipe!  It's a type of Margherita Pizza with a twist.

Pizza crust
2 tbs. Pesto
3 tbs. Alfredo sauce
2 chicken breasts, cubed and cooked
Mozzarella Cheese
Roma Tomatoes

I used a dry bag of the 'make your own' pizza crust.  I don't really like to do this but it's all I had so it worked great! Especially because I wanted the pizza to have thin crust! I made my crust and then spread the pesto on it.  I mixed the alfredo sauce in a bowl with my cooked chicken and then spread the mixture on top of the pesto.  I topped it with mozzarella cheese and roma tomatoes.  Finally, I added basil to top it off.  

I love the mixture of pesto and alfredo! It's a light, crispy pizza that is easy and delicious!