Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Class Dojo!

Man.  It's been a rough couple of weeks.  I normally don't have a big problem with behavior management in my classroom but this year nothing seems to work.  I have been really upset lately and have been trying to think of a new behavior management strategy to use with my class.  Then I found out about this amazing app called Class Dojo!

Oh my goodness! I love me some Class Dojo!

It is a behavior management system in which you can give and take away points based on behavior.  The sign up is super easy; just the standard information.  You put each student into the app/website (whichever you use) and you can immediately start giving them points!

Here is what the layout looks like...

Students can choose their own avatars by logging on using their student code, which is given to you after you put all of your students in.  They can also check their behavior when they get home each day.

What is even cooler is that parents can log on using their parent code (which is on the same sheet as the student code) and track their child's behavior any time they want to! Parents also receive a weekly email each Friday that summarizes their child's behavior for the week.

Here are some of the super cute little avatars!

This app is highly customizable.  It comes with positive and negative behaviors built into it but you can create your own as well!  One big problem I have in my class is students getting out of their seats, so I added a negative behavior for that.  Anytime a student got up out of their seat when they weren't supposed to I simply clicked their name, clicked add a behavior and chose that one!  

All in all, I love this app.  I plan on creating a rewards program to go along with it.  Basically, each reward will have a QR code.  When students accumulate 50 positive points they will choose a QR code to scan with the QR scanner app on their iPad.  Their reward will be whatever they scanned.  Such as no shoes for a day, sit in the teachers chair for the day, eat lunch with the teacher, iPad free time, extra computer time, king sized candy bar, soda at lunch, etc.  Nothing that costs much money and nothing that I have to keep track of!

I am really excited to get the reward system up and running!  Can't wait!

Do you use Class Dojo?
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If not, check it out HERE!

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  1. I used it this year for a few months. I have reward/consequence system to use this year to go along with the DOJO. Our admin wlll not approve the DOJO without the points lost part. Let me know if you want to a copy of the power point I use to share with the kids.

    1. I would absolutely love the powerpoint you use! Please email me @

      Thank you!


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