Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Surprising Sentiment

The past two days have been very long.  We had parent/teacher conferences at my school until 730 both evenings and I am truly exhausted!  But I want to share a surprising sentiment that overcame me this evening as I was finishing up my conferences.

First off, I have talked many times on my blog this school year about how this has been the most difficult year I have had teaching so far.  I have a very big class, with lots of personalities within it.  I have felt really discouraged many times this year, mostly because I have felt that many of my students have not yet shown me their full potential.  I told that to many of the parents I met with the past two evenings, and most of them concurred.

But as I was finishing up this evening, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of satisfaction.  I know each of my students this year on a level that I haven't known any other class before.  I know about their home lives, their struggles, their victories, and their accomplishments in a deeper way than I've known my previous students.  This is most likely because I have had to work really hard to connect with them so that I can keep even the slightest bit of control in my classroom!  I was able to really connect with the parents I met with, mostly because I know their child so well.  I was able to tell parents about their student's accomplishments and how well many of them are doing.  I conducted most of my conferences with a big smile on my face!  I felt good telling [most of] my parents how proud I was of them!  My bucket is certainly full!

I just wanted to share my smile with you! :-)


  1. I find myself feeling the same way sometimes...I think because we do know the kids so well it is easier for us to see how much potential they have and we want them to be successful so badly that we can taste it. I think too that when I am burnt out....my kids feel the same way. When I'm having a "meh" day...that moves over to them. I have to remind myself often that just because I am feeling so much pressure that I shouldn't push it onto them. I've had to take several steps back this year and just stand still for a moment and breathe. I guess when they are successful though and accomplish great things it makes it all that more exciting because we put a million percent into getting to that point. Reflecting is good. :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I glad to hear that your conferences went so well. We put our heart and souls into our classes and at times it can be exhausting. But then you will have little moments like this and it makes it all worth it! Thanks for sharing this sweet post!


  3. This sounds very similar to my 3rd grade class last year. Let me tell you, they will be fine. Keep focusing on the positive. Head up girl, e-mail me and I'd be happy to share some techniques that helped my Rockstars pass the state tests and go way beyond that!

    1. Oh yeah, my e-mail is o'neal-cowan.christina@unionps.org


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