Sunday, September 20, 2015

Great Start Sunday!

On this beautiful, rainy Sunday afternoon I want to FINALLY tell you all about how my school year has been so far!

My year got off to a GREAT START!  I have 18 smart, happy, funny students in my classroom! We put school wide procedures and expectations in place right from the start which has made a huge difference.  Also, we were't moving in until the last second like we were last year!  Last but not least, I got a Donors Choose Project funded and got 5 Hokki Stools for my small group table!!!

Here are a few fun pics from the beginning of my year!

Bosses vs. Leaders activity! One of the best things I did this year!  Find it here!
My AMAZING Hokki Stools!
The kids love them!
Ordering Decimals activity!
Morning Meeting!  I have a different student lead it each day!
Modeling the particles in a solid, liquid and gas!
Modeling the particles in a solid, liquid and gas using cheerios. 
Practicing measuring mass of objects.
Separating Mixtures Lab.
My incredible hubby's 30th Birthday!

And that's all so far, folks!  I plan to be on here more in the future. I miss blogging and think about it all the time, I can just never find the time to do it!

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