Monday, September 16, 2013

Positive Points Monday!

Happy Monday!  
Tonight I am linking up with Sarah at Permanently Primary for her 
Positive Points Monday Linky!

My positive points from today...

1.  My students have been working on writing a personal narrative from the point of view of either a mother, father, child, or single adult in one of the early colonies that settled in North America.  They have loved learning the stories of these people and how they lived their day to day lives!  When it was time to begin writing they did awesome.  They planned out their essay on one of my favorite apps called 'Popplet'!  It is an app that you can create a brainstorm map/idea web!  Love it!  Here is a pic of one of my students working on it today.

2.  Today I started off our morning by doing "Good Things".  I gave each student a post-it note that they could write one good thing that happened to them over the weekend.  They shared their good things and we put the post-its on my door.  It is one of the relationship building tools I want to continue to use through out the year.  Totally forgot to snap a picture, though! Blarg!

3.  I created my first (not super awesome, but it's a start) product for TpT!  It is a free download of a decimal BINGO I created.  I created it with 6 different color game boards and number squares with tenths, hundredths and thousandths.  If you want to check it out, click HERE!  I got the graphics from as one of her freebies!  Please remember that it is my very first product ever!  Like my page so I will be encouraged to create more products! I really enjoyed doing it.

4.  Last night as I was Pinteresting before bed I ran across this incredible article written by Dr. Fred Jones on EducationWorld called Rules, Routines and Standards in Elementary and Secondary Grades.  I was inspired to try out one of his ideas with my class.  My class still hasn't gotten down how to line up quietly and walk down the hall in silence.  The first time this morning that I had my students line up they were talking as usual and I nicely asked them to sit back down.  When they were all seated I asked them to line up another time.  Again, they were talking so I asked them to sit back down.  We did this 4 times and eventually they realized they HAD to be quiet before we could go anywhere.  I continued to do this the rest of the day anytime we had to line up and by the end of the day it was really working.  Not completely, but we had made huge strides from this morning.  I love this idea and plan on using it every day.  Check it out!

5.  DINNER!  I promised that I would start posting more recipes in the future so tonight I decided
to make a new dish and post about it!  It is called Easy Weeknight Creamy Chicken Alfredo and I found the recipe on a can of Progresso Recipe Starters! LOL!  It was very easy to make, but definitely seemed like it took more than the estimated amount of time (30 mins).  My husband, daughter and I loved it!  Click on the link and try it out for yourself!  Rich, creamy and simply delicious!

I hope that you guys had a great Monday!  

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  1. Hi Jamie!

    Just found your blog through the Buddy Blog linky. I'm your newest follower. I adore your blog and love your first TpT creation. I'll definitely be stopping by your store in the future to shop for some cutesie things! Make sure to check out my blog this week if you get a chance. I'm doing a giveaway!

    Melissa Cloud
    A Teaspoon of Teaching

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by! I definitely plan on making more items in the future. I am your new follower as well! :-)


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