Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tried and True & Positive Thinking Thursday

Today I am linking up with two fun Thursday linky parties!
First, I am linking up with the Teaching Tribune for her 'Tried and True' Thursday linky!
Then it's 'Positive Thinking Thursday' with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings!

This is something that I have tried and has proven true, and this post can also be considered a throw back Thursday post because I have written about it before!  In fact, it was my most viewed blog entry ever!  Check it out HERE!

It is an app that not only I love, but my students love as well!  It is a behavior management app on which you can give and take away points for positive and negative student behavior.  You can track students points anywhere, since you can have the app on your phone, ipad or computer.  You can give and take away points from individual students or the whole class.  Students get to choose their own avatars and parents can even track student progress online.  It was a wonderful tool for me last year, as I had a super rough class!  I highly suggest you checking it out!  It has proven itself to me as the perfect classroom management tool!

View my previous blog about Class Dojo Here!

Now a little somethin' for Positive Thinking Thursday!

I am enough.


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  1. I love your quote this week! So true. Thanks for joining the linky party!



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