Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This or That?!

Hey! Today I'm linking up with The Tattooed Teacher 
for week 2 of her Assess Me Linky: This or That!

*One of the reasons I totally heart working at my school is that we can wear jeans any day of the week! I am totally a jeans girl!
*Earrings are one of my obsessions.  My friend in college joked about writing a children's book about it.
*Definitely JZ
*I never got into the gold look. When I was growing up it seemed so "old". Now I love it!
*I can't be more than 20 mins from a Walmart or I'd die, so I'm totes a city girl.
*I heart online shopping.
*I normally take showers but I love a good bath.
*I am definitely an open book.  I'll tell you just about anything!
*And I'm definitely a busy bee. I can't stand to sit still- I've always got to be occupied!
*If I try to eat breakfast it makes me feel ill. My tummy can't handle delicious food first thing in the morn!
*I couldn't live without diet pepsi, but sweet tea comes in at a close second.
*I am a total night owl.  Getting up early makes me feel physically ill.
*I enjoy getting done up every once in a while! (even though anyone who has seen me this summer would think otherwise!)
*I love the sound of thunder.
*Flats all the way!
*Road trips are my favorite.
*I have no idea what the next one means...
*Central Air is my BFF.

Thanks for reading! :-)

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