Friday, January 31, 2014

Five for Friday 1-31-14

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1.  I have good news! I have been discussing departmentalizing with my principal recently and she has decided to let fifth grade try it out next year! Next year we are moving to a brand new school and we will be starting all kinds of brand new things and just doing a lot of things differently in general.  The only hard part about this is deciding whether I want to teach Social Studies or Math!  OR BOTH!  My principal is pretty much giving us the option to try out either two teams of two teachers or have each teacher teach a different subject area (plus our own reading small groups).  I am more than excited about this!  Teaching fifth grade is incredibly difficult due to having to take 5 state tests each year.  YES, 5!!!!!  I am excited to do some research and figure things out! \

2.  This week I finished up teaching my students how to compare and order fractions!  I also taught them how to find the greatest common factor.  I used two of my TpT products and they LOVED them! (Check out the links above) It was soooo much fun! I wish I had pics but I didn't take any because I was running around monitoring the whole time!  I also found this super awesome game (that is iPad compatible!!!!) online that helps to reinforce Factors, Multiples, and GCF/LCM!  They had so much fun playing it with a partner!  Check it out HERE!

3.  My husband created a new background, header and button for my blog this week!  I absolutely love it! He is a graphic designer for a hospitality company here in OK and he is incredible!!!!  He has been trying to teach me how to work in Adobe Illustrator lately to help me make things for my TpT store!  It is difficult to learn, but I am really enjoying it!

This is my new button!!!!!! AAHHHHHH!!!! So cute!!!!

4.  Speaking of my TpT store, I have some things that I have been working on for it.  I am making a general rubric that has been in my classroom into a super cute general rubric to hang in my classroom! LOL!  I am also working on activities for fractions and decimals on a number line.  We will see what I come up with! Check my store out HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.   Lastly, the weather we have had this week has been crazy! No snow as of yet, but we are predicted to have a little winter storm next week.  As for now it is freezing and my allergies are driving me insane from going from warm to freezing within 5 hours!  With all of the crazy cold weather recently we have had lots of inside recess.  :-(  It has not been the greatest week for me because of this.  My students, especially my boys, are really rowdy this year and they NEED to run and play outside.  I can't wait for Spring!

Well, that has been my Monday-Friday in a nutshell!
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  1. Oh inside recess! It causes so many problems. Have you tried Just Dance? You can go on youtube and search for Just Dance videos. My class loves them!

    1. What a great idea! I must do that the next time we have inside recess!!!


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