Thursday, August 8, 2013

Goals for Back to School!

I'm so excited to learn about 'Linking up' and getting involved with other bloggers!  I am setting some goals with the Back to School Goals provided by I {Heart} Recess and I love it!  School is sure to be crazy this year with implementing Common Core but setting goals is a great way to start off semi-stress free!

Later today I am going to post pics of my classroom and what I've done so far to prepare for the upcoming year!  11 days until the kiddos come and I celebrate my 26th birthday! :-)


  1. Hi Jamie! I found you on I {Heart} Recess! I am a new blogger and I saw that you are fairly new, so I thought I'd stop on by and say hey! Our organization goals are similar: I need to put everything I use right back where I got it from as soon as I'm done with it so that I don't have a large stack of stuff! We also both have polka dots for our backgrounds! What a kawinkydink! Have a great beginning of the school year!

    1. Hey Nicki! Thanks for the comment! Us new bloggers need to help each other out to get ourselves more connected! I will follow you! I hope that your school year goes great! :-)


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