Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Am Not Supermom...

I am not Supermom, but I am A Super Mom...

It’s hard to be a mom. I have a full-time job and I don't get to stay home with my baby girl all day every day. Even if I could stay home, I wouldn’t. But when I am home I cherish every moment I get with my daughter, even if she is acting bat-shit crazy!

I don't get dressed in my cutest clothes and wear my highest heels when taking my daughter to the splash park or the playground. I just don't see the point. I don't want to sit back and watch her play - I want to roll in the dirt with her and get sand between my toes! If she can't have fun with her mommy, whom can she have fun with?

My daughter throws fits. And when I say "fits", I mean rolling on the floor screaming like she just stepped on glass. Lots of times I'll pick her up and try to console her, but often I just leave her there. She soon realizes that she's crying for no reason and stops all on her own.  She is learning self-regulation this way.

She screams in public, like a fucking train whistle, just for fun! I don't even try to stop her anymore because it is a part of her self-expression. Why should I stop her? Even if it sounds like drunken karaoke to you, it's precious to me.

You look at me as I chase after my daughter running through the mall dressed in jeans and a tee shirt, no make up on, and my hair looking on the homeless side. I know what goes through your mind...because it went through mine before I had a child. I've decided I don't need to spend time making myself up to impress you. Instead, we get out of the house as quick as we can so we could soak up every moment before naptime.

I have finally realized that needing a "mommy moment" is not selfish. It is most often what keeps me sane enough to be a super mom! Sometimes when I need just a moment to myself, I decide that it's time for my daughter to have a snack.  She sits in her high chair and munches on goldfish while I sit still and self medicate on Pringles and Diet Pepsi. And that is okay.

I let my daughter walk around outside without shoes or socks on and splash in puddles when it rains. I let her stick her fingers in each and every little nook, crack and cranny inside and outside because she is an explorer. She doesn't travel the world, but when I allow her to explore like that, I'm sure she feels like she is!

My daughter likes to snack on roly polys. You could ask me why, but I have no idea! And lately I find that letting her munch on them is a lot easier than getting bitten or watching her throw one of her crazy fits. Now, I don't just watch her pick them up and eat them, but when she already has one in her mouth and I try my hardest to get it out unsuccessfully, I give up and let her have a tasty treat!

When I hear my daughter wake up in the morning and start talking to herself, I lay there and listen to her on the monitor for a few minutes before going in to get her. Listening to her having inaudible conversations with her "lovey" is a beautiful thing. And it lets me rest my eyes for just a few more minutes before the craziness of the day begins.

My daughter is a fun, ridiculously energetic little lady who I love more than life itself. I do my best to provide for her, care for her and love her every moment of every day. I am not Supermom, but I am A Super Mom. Maybe not to your standards, but I'm pretty sure I measure up to hers just fine. And after all, she's the only one that matters.

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