Saturday, August 20, 2016

Back to School! Lots of pics!

I was truly SO excited to get back to school! Of course I missed my girls every day, but I enjoyed the routine, the challenge, and getting to know my new kiddos!

Monday morning was our district's convocation and it was awesome! They brought in the drum lines from all three of our high schools and it took me straight back to when I was in high school! This is a pic of me and my teammate and right-hand-man, Mrs. Vann, at convocation!

Tuesday, the second day of "Back to School" for me was a FULL DAY OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.  I literally spent the entire day with this look on my face.
Wednesday morning we had a whole-school meeting in the morning, and then we FINALLY got to work in our rooms in the afternoon! Then that evening we had Meet the Teacher Night! It was so great to see my new kiddos walk through the door with huge smiles on their faces as they got to pick out their seats for the year!  I also got visits from many previous students and that truly made my day!  Get my Back 2 School Pack HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How I collect supplies on Meet the Teacher Night!
My Classroom!
My Welcome Back Pack and Parent & Student Information Pack!

Thursday was my baby girls' 1st Day of School!  It went so well! She loved every second of it!  My husband got her donuts and 'pink milk' and had breakfast with her in the cafeteria the first morning.  It was a great day for her, as well as for me and my students!
Painting! One of her favorite things to do!
Her teacher took this and sent it to me!
Her precious name tag and backpack!
And finally, Friday was field/team-building day and my 29th birthday! My students loved competing against other classes playing fun games like Sharks and Minnows, Over/Under, Relay Tic-Tac-Toe, and Tug of War!  
Playing girls against boys tug of war! The boys had to take their shoes off but they still won! 
And my incredible husband came to surprise me at school and bring me my gift- A Fitbit Charge HR!  I was so surprised! I absolutely loved it!  And after school we went to dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Teds Escondido!
My husband and I at dinner!
My awesome present!

And lastly, today has been a day of lesson planning and relaxation.  I've gotten to spend a lot of time with my husband and girls and I've loved every minute of it after having such a busy week!  But my favorite moment of the entire week?  This...

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