Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Made It Linky!

It has been forever since I've linked up with the Monday Made It Linky, so today I'm excited to show off a few things I made last week!  I used most of these in my classroom the past few years, but just got around to editing them and putting them on TpT, just in time for the big sale!

 Each of these 30 Decimal Puzzles has students match the Standard Form, Expanded Form, Word Form and Fraction/Mixed Number together to create a 4 piece puzzle!  I can't wait to use these with my students this year!

Another product I created last week is my Voice Levels Hanging Clip Chart! I love using this in my classroom. When my students need to change their voice levels I simply walk over and move the clip!  Definitely check this out!

It is on the right, sorry it's so blurry!

Another one of my favorites in my classroom is my Hanging Compliment Chain!  Each time my whole class gets a compliment, I put a letter up. When the chain is complete I throw them a Compliment Party!  They love it and it gives them something to work for every day!

Lastly, I have two more products. First is my Classroom Hand Signals Poster, which shows students visually how to ask me if they can get a drink, go to the restroom, or sharpen a pencil.  I love it because my students don't have to yell out these questions 1,000 times a day anymore!

Hand Signals Poster is on the right, and my Classroom Rubric is in the middle!
 The last product I wanted to show off today is my Classroom Rubric/Scale of Understanding! I love this because after each lesson I teach I ask my students to refer to this to show me their level of understanding.  I definitely couldn't teach without this thing!

And as everyone knows, the TpT Best Year Ever Sale is going on today and tomorrow, so check out my store because everything is 20% off! And don't forget to use the code BEST YEAR to save even more!

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