Saturday, August 27, 2016

Friday Favorites {8-26-16}

Although I'm a day late, I still want to share my Friday Favorites with you guys! I just got done with my first full week of school and it was exhausting! But I loved (almost) every second of it!
My first Favorite of the week was that one of my students brought me a cup of Braum's vanilla ice cream for breakfast! Is it totally against my diet? Yes. Did I eat every single bit of it? YES! It was so thoughtful and sweet!

My second Favorite of the week was how I taught the Scientific Method to my Science classes.  I used The Tiny Teachers 'The Cat's In The Bag' lab and my students absolutely loved it!  It made the scientific method real to them, as opposed to a set of questions on a worksheet.  I will never introduce the scientific method any other way!

My third Favorite of the week was the following two letters I received from students.  The top one is absolutely hilarious, and the bottom one is the sweetest letter I've ever received!  

My fourth Favorite of the week was when my homeroom class and I created our Social Contract.  Our district has each class create a social contract each year as a document that will reinforce how we should treat each other.  My class this year had wonderful answers!  We started with each student creating a flip book and answering the 4 questions that form the social contract.  Then we all got to discuss our answers and write them on the board.  Then I got a piece of poster board and wrote their answers on it and they all signed it.  It was a wonderful experience that truly bonded us as a class.

 My next Favorite is LULAROE!  Over the past few months I have fallen in love with LuLaRoe and a friend and I have decided to become independent consultants and actually sell their clothes! It is exciting and scary at the same time, but we can't wait to get our inventory and get started. I just hate that it will be about another 5 weeks! Patience, grasshopper!  These are some clothes I bought at online sales this week: A Carly Dress, an Irma Shirt, a pair of BUTTERY leggings, and a Cassie skirt in the bottom right!  I love them all and can't wait to wear them to school next week!

And lastly, what I would have to say was my Utmost Favorite of the week was a few nights ago when my family and I played outside. My super sexy, 30 year old husband was gettin' it on his skateboard and was even teaching our 4 year old daughter the basics!  And my 4 month old was smiling the whole time!  It was one of those rare evenings that I put all of my 'to do's' in the rearview and just took some time to play with my family. And I enjoyed every second of it!

I hope everyone else's week was as great as mine!

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