Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Classroom reveal and something you MUST do NOW to help you later in the year!

I was so excited to get back into my classroom and get my room together! To my surprise, when I entered my room the desks were already put out into tables so that saved me a lot of time and sweat!

Here are some pics of my room!

Right behind my desk
Middle wall between windows
Scientific Method 
Some personal items on my counter so my students can see that I'm a normal human being with a family! Ha!
"How I Get Home" clip chart and my "Voice Levels Clip Chart"
Get my Voice Levels Clip Chart HERE!!!!!
Behavior Process, Hand Signals Poster (get it HERE) and my Scale of Understanding (get it HERE)
"I CAN" magnets so I can post my daily objective under them with expo markers.
My Choice Board so I can write down what my students can do when they finish their work.
Fifth Grade Photo Booth! The lights in the building were off, so I couldn't get a good pic.  The kiddos will stand in front of it for our Meet the Teacher Night and their parents can take pics of them!
Here is a close up of the border and letters!

Now on to the most important part of this post- Something you MUST do NOW to help you out later in the year!

One thing that I always make sure to do before school starts is to make Substitute Packets for days that I have to miss school with short notice.  I get sick, my kids get sick, my car could break down, and I always like to have at least 3 sets on hand for if I'm gone multiple days.

All I do is copy multiple pages (I'd rather them have more work, than not enough) of mazes, coloring sheets, 4th grade math worksheets (since I teach 5th), reading comprehension worksheets, and other fun things, and I make them into a packet.  Then I make copies of the packet for each student in my class.  That way, if I'm gone, one of my team teachers can simply go and get my sub packets and the students have something to do for the day!  It takes all of the stress out of being absent.  And it takes pressure off of my teammates who would be stuck coming up with things for the substitute to do with my students if I didn't leave anything for them to do!

Making Substitute Packets has been a HUGE helper for me and takes most of the stress out of being absent.

What is something that you do in the beginning of the year that helps you later in the year??!!
Leave me a comment and let me know!

Well that's all I've got for now! Enjoy!
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