Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How do you build Classroom Community?

Last year I decided that I MUST do a better job of creating a culture of classroom community in my room.   To help build relationships this upcoming year with my students, I just created my "Share Chair Cards".  There are 112 question cards that will help you connect with and get to know your students all through out the year.  

This can be a classroom job- Share Chair Manager! This student gets to sit in the share chair, choose the card, and read the card aloud to the class! That student answers the question first and then you can have that student choose as many students as you allow to answer the question as well. You will ♥love♥ how much you learn about your students each day using these Share Chair Cards!

Ideas→★ Use one every morning for morning meeting ★ Use them to fill that last 5 minutes at the end of the day★ Use it as a 'Get to Know You' game in the beginning of the year★ Use these cards to mentor across grade levels with buddy classes

Check them out HERE and see if you'd like to use them in your classroom too!  They're perfect for grades 2-6!
Pictures of the cards are below...

How do you build classroom community in your room through out the year???

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